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Maximize your crop's fragrance and flavor with our responsibly sourced carbohydrate blend. Nutriling's Sugar Baby enriches your crops with a rich bouquet and plenty of resins during the flowering phase. Our natural and Earth-friendly formula feeds beneficial microbes in the root zone while improving the taste and aroma of your plants. Our special blend of carbo sources ensures effective absorption by your plants, delivering the perfect nutrient balance for a bountiful harvest. Give your crops the care they deserve with Nutriling and experience exceptional flavor and fragrance.

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Achieving bountiful cannabis harvests takes more than a green thumb. A critical factor is your plant's sugar level. Nutriling's expertly formulated solutions ensure your plants produce and distribute enough sugar, resulting in fat, sweet, and fragrant buds—Trust Nutriling to unlock the secret to thriving cannabis growth.

Better Taste, Better Smell


Enhanced Aroma and Flavor

Sugar Baby is the ultimate aroma and resin enhancer for your plants. Packed with high-quality carbohydrates, it enriches your plants with a rich bouquet and mouthwatering flavors, making your harvest truly exceptional.


Boosted Resin Production

When it comes to resin production, Sugar Baby delivers outstanding results. Its natural carbohydrate blend not only increases resin quantity but also enhances resin quality, giving you sticky, resin-coated buds that are a true cannabis connoisseur's dream.


Easy to Use

Adding Sugar Baby to your plant care routine is a breeze. Simply incorporate it into your feeding schedule, and watch as your plants respond with increased aroma, more resins, and unbeatable taste. Elevate your cannabis cultivation game with Sugar Baby!

Sugar baby

Increase Bud Quality

First, before adding any special supplements, you need to make sure you’re giving your plant the correct base nutrients in the flowering stage.

- Low Nitrogen (N) – Give your plant relatively low levels of Nitrogen, especially in the second half of the flowering stage when the plant has stopped growing vegetatively and buds are fattening up. In fact, too much nitrogen in the ripening stage can discourage bud production and hurt your yields.

- Plenty of Phosphorus (P) – Phosphorus is incredibly important to flower production and giving plants plenty of Phosphorus in the flowering stage will help increase the total number of flowers

- Potassium (K) – Providing a good source of Potassium increases the size and density of each individual flower.



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