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Work gently with the babies

Boost early growth with Nutriling, expertly formulated to nourish cannabis seeds and clones. Experience strong development and a thriving garden as Nutriling transforms seedlings into lush, bountiful plants.

seed and clone starter for incredible vigurs

How to clone a plant?

Through cloning, you can create a new harvest with exact replicas of your best plants. Choose a rooting medium and setup. Experiment to see which setup works best for you. Whichever method you choose, make sure your new clones get plenty of light—preferably 18 hours—and humidity.

Cloning is relatively easy and requires just a few key items:

- Scissors (for cutting branches off the mother plant)
- Razor (for trimming up cuttings)
- Rooting setup (tray/dome/root cubes, or an auto-cloner)
- Rooting hormone

How to take a cutting?

When selecting a mother plant to clone, look for plants that are healthy, sturdy, and at least two months into the vegetative cycle. You shouldn’t take a clone off a plant once it starts flowering.

Be sure to work in a sterile environment. Use gloves and disinfect razors and scissors.

Boost Germination
and Cloning


Accelerated Germination

Seeder Beast is your go-to solution for speeding up the germination process of seeds. Its natural liquid rooting hormone and plant growth hormone create the perfect environment for quick and healthy seed sprouting.


Seamless Cloning

Not just for seeds, Seeder Beast is an excellent choice for cloning plants too. Its liquid starter fertilizer for clones provides the necessary nutrients for clone propagation, increasing your success rate.


Enhanced Root Development

Experience robust root development in your plants right from the start. Seeder Beast contains essential vitamins, including vitamin B1, which promotes strong and vibrant root systems, ensuring your plants have a solid foundation for growth.


Universal Application

Whether you're germinating seeds for your indoor garden or starting clones for outdoor cultivation, Seeder Beast is suitable for various growing methods, including hydroponics and soil-based systems.

Seeder beast

Enhanced Terpene Production

Magic Drop is your secret weapon for boosting terpenes, the aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique flavor and scent. Elevate the taste profile of your cannabis with Magic Drop's precise blend of nutrients.

Amplify Potency and Effects

With Magic Drop, your cannabis will have more of the cannabinoids responsible for its effects. Achieve higher potency and a more satisfying experience for users.

Maximize Trichome Production

Magic Drop's formulation enhances trichome development, resulting in a higher resin content. These resin-rich trichomes are a treasure trove of cannabinoids, making your cannabis more potent.

Unlock the Full Genetic Potential

Magic Drop nurtures your plants throughout their lifecycle, ensuring consistent growth and vibrant health. Maximize your harvest with cannabis plants that reach their genetic potential.

Magic drop


Unlock the Magic of Cannabis Growth with #MagicDrop: Enhanced Terpene Production, Stress Reduction, Increased Resin, and Optimal Nutrient Uptake


Increase the vigor of your seed and clone

Elevate your seed and clone vigor with our premium product to enhance growth and development. Witness your seedlings transform into thriving, robust plants, ensuring a bountiful garden for you to enjoy. Invest in success today!

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