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grow your plants like a pro


Length: 3-16 weeks

Light cycle: 16 hours a day

Unleash your cannabis plants' true potential during the crucial vegetative stage. As roots and foliage expand rapidly, seize this opportunity to transplant, top, and train for optimal growth. Fuel your plants' journey towards a thriving, bountiful harvest with our expertly crafted solutions. Make every growth stage count!


Royal grower

"Royal grower" is one of the main fertilizers that help start the proper development of the plant. Perfect ratios that allow you to combine with the other two products at certain stages of development. Give your crops what they need when they need it most, with "Royal grower", "Bloom spirit", "Leaf queen" 3-part base nutrient series.

Forest charm

We’ve taken Mother Nature’s best naturally occurring elements and other components and purified and refined them into a superlative one-shot addition for satisfyingly big yields in your garden. Brimming with the finest Earth-friendly natural ingredients such as Amino acid and some phytohormones, Nutriling contributes additional macronutrients, vitamin B1 and humic acid. These are the building blocks that will enable your plants to grow strong and flower abundantly.

Desert fury

“Desert Fury” key ingredient—silica—fortifies your plants and enriches the internal structures needed to support top-heavy plants laden with flowers and fruits. Because it strengthens cells, silica helps plants withstand environmental and other stressors, so that they spend more of their energy creating blooms and buds. This results in a productive, vigorous garden with heightened resistance to pests, insects and pathogenic airborne and waterborne diseases.

Leaf queen

Many trace elements can be talked about and commented on individually, but their importance as a universal factor in plant development is indisputable. They are at the heart of mastering each of the basic elements correctly and completely. Give your crops what they need when they need it most, with "Royal grower", "Bloom spirit", "Leaf queen" 3-part base nutrient series.

Earth force

Keep your plants productive and green with ”Earth force”, a calcium - magnesium supplement from Nutriling. Containing top-quality ingredients, Earth is designed to nourish crops with extra calcium and magnesium and create the right conditions for abundant flowering and a heavy yield. This is especially important when growing in some media, such as coco coir, but any garden can benefit.

Enzy monk

“Enzy monk” are a group of special proteins that actively boost or “catalyze” the break-down of organic matter into other forms. In the natural environment of soil, enzymes break-down old roots and convert organic molecules into food that plants can assimilate and use. “Enzy monk” contains a wealth of enzymes that do these jobs and more to improve the root-zone. By getting rid of old roots and making nutrients more available “Enzy monk” helps to create a healthier root-zone and faster-growing plants.


Level up your garden

Experience explosive growth during your plants' 3–16 week vegetative phase. Optimize growth with timely transplantation, allowing roots to expand. Witness varying growth patterns in indica and sativa cultivars, while photoperiod varieties respond to shortened light cycles. Empower your garden to reach its full potential with our tailored solutions for this critical stage.

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Attention cannabis growers!

Are you looking for a way to ensure your plants yield big buds with maximum potency? Look no further than Nutriling's range of plant supplements, designed to support the growth and development of your cannabis plants. Our products are specially formulated to provide the essential nutrients your plants need to develop strong structures and produce large, aromatic buds. With Nutriling, you can be confident that you're giving your plants the best chance to reach their full potential and deliver a bountiful harvest. Don't settle for mediocre buds - choose Nutriling for big, beautiful blooms every time.

To keep flowering big, you need to force up the plant structure. 

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