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Healthy Roots

Without a healthy root system, your cannabis plants can never reach their full potential. For a heavy harvest full of spectacular buds, you'll want to do everything you can to support the health of your plants' roots.

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Plant roots interact directly with mycelium, the substance that mushrooms sprout from. Mycelium helps make nutrients available to plant roots and helps roots find water. In exchange, a plant sends down carbon, helping the mycelium grow and expand its own network.

This symbiotic relationship—called mycorrhiza—is vital in keeping roots healthy so they can access all available nutrients.

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Keep Roots Healthy?

Healthy cannabis roots are a milky white color and don’t have a particular smell. If you’re growing in pots, your roots should be growing throughout your medium but should never be wrapped completely around the sides of a pot. If you’ve ever seen a plant with sick roots, you’ll know exactly how your roots shouldn’t look: brown discoloration, a strong smell, and slime around your plants are telltale signs of root rot or other root problems.

The roots of any plant, including cannabis, need 4 basic components to grow properly; oxygen, the right temperatures, water, and nutrients. Here’s how to give your plants everything they need to develop healthy, happy roots



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